Farm House development


We give unique solutions in farm house development. We develop your farm by giving following services.

Complete layout of your farm

Our creative designs will make your space aesthetically beautiful.
We design your space which will include the ornamental part such as landscaping ,your farm house design and also commercial farm practices.

Space management

Adhering to the basics with our classy designs we optimize your space giving the bigger perspective.

Agriculture / Horticulture consultancy

our experts are having the experience of 40 years in the field of agriculture we give solutions to all commercial agricultural and horticultural plantations.

Organic farming: say no to chemicals

The introduction of a reckless chemical based agricultural policy in the recent decades has had adverse impact on the Indian agricultural practices and serious environmental concerns have been raised. The high doses of pesticides which increased from 24.32 thousand tonnes in 1970-75 to 75 thousand tonnes in 1990-91 have been having an adverse impact on the aquatic life, plants and animals. Time and again, animal deaths and human deaths as well, have been reported due to the excessive use of fertilizers.
We at Grassroots Floraventure with our experts in the organic field give 100% organic solution in agriculture as well as horticulture. We help you set up eco friendly yet proven methodologies which will give you green and fresh harvest free from chemicals.
We also help in making the produce ready for export.

High tech Agriculture

We give you solutions in Poly houses and green house technology. Grow your crop many folds in small spaces irrespective of adverse nature conditions with the help of controlled temperature technology. There will be an increase in the production of vegetables, fruits or flowers in Polyhouse farming without losing their color and quality.