Customised Sculptures And Murals

Our dexterous hands can mould any shape in any media. Our ingenious designs are customized making them unique and inimitable.

We have an in-house facility of creative artists and we make only customized sculptures as per the requirement and the need of that area we design.

We have the flair of taking your artistic desires, concepts and representations and turning them into works of art. Our creative brains handle all the Medias to perfection right from Metal, Stone, Wood, Fiber, Terracotta, Siporex, GRC etc.

Garden statues and garden sculpture elevates the beauty of the garden. Beautiful garden sculptures and murals also make them even more exciting for enhancing the personality of the outdoor area.

Our Talented artisans provide custom sculpting of any size and style. Sculpting commissions include works of portraiture busts, full figures, abstract shapes, murals, wall reliefs of monumental size, life size, shelf-size, award style.

Stop compromising & limiting your choice of sculptures and murals restricted to the articles available in the market ………with Grassroots, you can individualize your garden sculptures to so that it matches your personality.

Though, creativity is very much personal and similar to the saying that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, there are few creative ideas from Grassroots that are timeless, instant and also feasible.