Ferrocement Works

Ferro cement is a very versatile composite material using cement sand ,water & wire mesh or galvanized steel rods, is an ideal technology for construction in developing and under developing countries.The major advantage is that it can be fabricated to any shape and would not need heavy machineries. We can achieve great shape in lesser thickness than RCC.It can be given attractive finish like that of Teak, Wood, Stone etc. Ferro cement has a great strength and is easy to maintain and repair. It is also fire resistant.Application of Ferro cement in construction:Ferro cement is fast emerging as alternative to Timber and RCC and has got many application in diverse way.

•Housing: Modular homes, Resort cottages, Residential & public buildings, Villas, Cottages, Retaining walls etc.

•Aesthetical elements: Uncommon elevations, Gazebos, Sit outs, Walls, Partitions, swimming pools, Water storage tanks, Pillars, Sculptures, Domes, Round & conical facades etc.