Readymade Gardens

Normally new gardens takes about 9-18 months to take shape, but we specialize in making ready-made gardens which gives the feel of developed garden in few days..

Your own beautiful garden in its full blossom is no longer a distant dream, with Grassroots by your side your dream garden is only a few days away!! With the help of pre grown and well nurtured plants in nurseries we create magic.

Don’t just water the trees enjoy the fruits too!!

We have plants and trees, pre grown in our nurseries, which we directly plant in your premises. Normally the fruiting and avenue trees require at least 4-5 years to blossom. So is the case with Palms and lawns. We nurture such plants at our end for 2-4 years and give you the developed trees so that your waiting period is lessen.

We have trees and shrubs of 12-16 ft height to establish this concept.

We at grassroots floraventure can help you in setting up readymade garden with conceptual layout, architectural design and complete execution on site.