Sensory Gardens

When was the last time we heard the birds chirping, breeze swishing through the bamboos, the smell of scented flowers, healing aroma of Tulsi, texture and feel of leaves and stones, tangy taste of tamarind, the soothing sound of trickling water??At Grassroots, we are here to help you experience all this… At one place in the unique concept of Sensory Gardens. We call it as Healing Garden.

In sensory landscapes the design elements are selected with intention to create zones which provides utilitarian value while stimulating and engaging all the senses. Bright, colourful plantation with varied textures and fragrances combine with elements of sound & visual to create an engaging environment to help relax, stimulate, and learn.

A sensory landscape looks like a contemporary landscape where aesthetic elements & soft-scapes have their space and value, but conscious effort is taken to accommodate elements that titillate more than one senses.

Sensory gardens provide an opportunity for the young and old, disabled, special children, to experience joy and relaxation in settings and conditions that they may not typically experience /miss out in everyday life. Especially beneficial to children and adults with sensory processing issues such as autism or other disabilities. Due to relaxing garden environment, sensory gardens are gaining popularity with schools, businesses, hospitals, and communities.

Sensory gardens have proven therapeutic value, offer health benefits, such as Lowering blood pressure, reducing stress & anxiety, and help keep Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients calm and engaged.It requires great care, knowledge, planning and attention while designing a sensory garden. One should know, understand every element and aspect in detail along with its functionality, usage by the visitor.

We at Grassroots can design a perfect sensory garden just what you expect from it.