Vastu, Rashi & Nakshtra Gardens

In today’s stressful society we are looking at the ways to improve the quality of our lives. Stepping into the garden is a wonderful way to relax and restore inner peace.Now a day’s people are realizing the importance of Vastu Shastra while developing or reconstructing the property.But very few are known to fact that Vastu Shastra is also applied to gardens to reap benefits in most effective way.Our ancient Rishi’s have explained in their Vedas the importance of Vastu gardens. Vastu Gardens is an environmental science written by these Indian scholars thousands of years ago.

A Vastu directed garden can bring better results if everything is set & placed accordingly with Vastu norms including plants, trees and water fountain. Vastu can be followed to energize the surrounding with immensely healthy plants for the betterment of occupants and peace.

We at Grassroots with our technical experts in this field can help you gain these positive effects to you and your family with the help of Vastu gardens.A well-tended and designed garden using the principles of Vastu Shastra will benefit you and the members of your family for years to come. By reconnecting with the intrinsic balance within nature using basic Vastu principles, you will experience better health, improved relationships, and enjoy an enhanced sense of well-being.

Experience the Power of Vastu gardens.Remember when we feel that the science fails …faith can take you to achieve impossible.

Rashi Gardens:The Zodiac or the Bhachakra is a circle of 360 degrees along which the planets rotate in a circular motion. This Zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each. These 12 parts are called Rashi or Signs in Vedic astrology. Studying the properties of these 12 Rashis is also important for proper prediction of a horoscope following Vedic astrological principles. There are some special plants which are assigned to each Rashi. If you follow the process religiously it will strengthen your mental strength and help you to overcome difficulties in your life. The Rashi garden offers the opportunity to physically represent the ancient principles and archetypes inherent in nature. We are surrounded by these principles every time we go into the garden. This leads to a deeper understanding of our own chart and of astrology - because they become visible. Rashi and Nakshatra gardening can thus be considered as a creative approach to the symbolic language of astrology.

Nakshatra Gardens:As per Hindu mythology there are 12 Rashi /Zodiacs and 27 Nakshatras.These Nakshatra are mentioned in our Jannam Kundali/ Birth Chart. Each one has 1 nakshatra mentioned in his/her Patrika.The lord of each Nakshatra determines the planetary period known as the dasha, which is considered of major importance in forecasting the life path of the individual in Hindu astrology. In Vedic Sanskrit, the term Nakṣhatra may refer to any heavenly body or to "the stars" collectively.With our technical experts in this field we create scientifically developed Nakshatra gardens. In ancient scripture, each zodiac sign has been assigned with a specific plant/tree and animals. These nakshatra plants can be cultivated domestically Worshipping these plants on regular basis is considered as auspicious and it brings good fortune. If an individual fosters his/her genesis Nakshatra plant, then it brings good luck to him/her. So let's propagate this unique/distinctive concept of Nakshatra garden. It will enable each individual to avail/acquire fame, healthy well being, and prosperity.