Vertical Garden

As the Urban jungles are growing, the green colour of nature is diminishing drastically. Cities are going vertically hence there is a need of nature to grow vertically to maintain the equilibrium.

It’s a myth that huge spaces are required for the landscapes. We at Grassroots floraventure provide solutions by means of vertical garden where we grow the greens even in the smallest of places available.

These vertical gardens not only look great but can change the aesthetic of your space completely. Be it a residence, office, entrance walls, resorts our appealing green wall solutions lead to better and healthy living. It maximizes the O2 content there by refreshing the environment throughout the day. We transform your walls, underutilized spaces to lush green nature. Enjoy true essence of nature right in your premises with our sleek futuristic designs.

We design the system in such a way that it is very easy to install and maintain. We can play with varied design options, shapes and colours to best suit your taste and requirement.

Vertical garden are panels of plants grown vertically on the frame structures which are either free standing or fixed on the wall. These panels are light in weight and come with drip irrigation facility. These are also known as Vertical garden, eco walls, bio wall, or living walls.

So don’t wait Breathe Green with our Vertical gardens….. Smarter and futuristic.