Villas, Cottages ,Huts, Tree House

We at Grassroots help you to build structures like Cottages, Huts, Bamboo Huts, and villas which will go hand in hand with nature.In our unique designs we use different materials right from Bamboo ,wood, Fly ash bricks, Reinforced aerated ferrocement, PUF and so on which are best suitable for the project.We offer a way out by providing options to drab grey concrete jungles by giving eco friendly solutions that deliver the promise of timely completion, strength along with safety.The system facilitates dry and rapid construction which gives maximum space utilization.Erection is very fast and you can start of the project in few days.

Tree Houses, MachanWe specialize in giving the solutions for Tree Houses. Experience the nature in the untouched and amazing natural ambience. If you love nature, don't mind staying nestled in its lap, then Tree house should definitely be on your wish list. A perfect place for those looking to escape into nature, surroundings with trees and creepers.