Water Fountains and Swimming Pools

Move and amuse yourself with water as per the desire, that’s what Grassroots Floraventure can help you do with inspiring designs of swimming pools and water fountains. Fountains have been an important element in the design of gardens and public spaces since ancient times. We can design right from classics to contemporary water features as per your taste and style. In landscape architecture and garden design, a water feature may include one or multiple items ranging from ponds, to pools, fountains, waterfalls and streams.

Water features are more than just aesthetics; the sounds of running water soothes your mind and soul. Studies have shown that the sound of running water subconsciously slows down your breathing, which in turn lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. Furthermore, water reduces your stress levels There is nothing to compare with interplay of movement, sound & light. Flowing water releases negative ions. These negative ions are tasteless, odorless and invisible molecules that we inhale. Water features such as water walls, waterfall spillways, and cascading waterfalls help to improve air quality, which is obviously better for your health. Negative ions have mood boosting and stress relieving effects on humans.

We at grassroots Floraventure can help you.. set up water feature right from concept design as per your theme and requirement to complete execution on site with perfection be it a swimming pool or water fountains.